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Something about me.

Welcome to my little information page. Here you will find some short information about my person, contact data and profile links. Iskaron is my avatar name for most of my main game characters. The name was a creation for my dwarven player character in the german MUD MorgenGrauen.

After that, I used the name for my dwarven priest in World of Warcraft, which I do not play anymore after seven years playing regularly and spending a lot of my spare time.

Currently I try to always use this name for all games.

PGP signing policy


This policy applies for every key signing using the following key:

„Oliver Meyer <olm@cativa.net>»



I will sign only after a personal verification of the key holder’s identity, using some kind of official ID card (drivers licence, or in Germany: Personalausweis). I will sign only matching user ids containing a valid e-mail address. I will download the key to sign from the keyserver pool.sks-keyservers.net. Every signature will be sent by email encrypted to the corresponding address. You will then upload the signature to public keyservers.

Game profiles

My game characters

  • Iskaron, MorgenGrauen, mg.mud.de

    The first char with this name.

    The name was created on 2001. This was the character. First it was a normal player, now it is the programmer char, but I do not have time to take care of it.

  • Iskaron, World of Warcraft, EU-Gilneas

    Healing since classic.

    Next was a healer in World of Warcraft. I was playing it "full-time" next to my regular job. After seven years, I stopped playing.

  • Iska'ron, SWTOR

    Sith inquisitor.

  • DonIskaron, Tom Clancy's The Division



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